Prague in the Rain: 20 Bad Weather Activities

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Prag bei Regen 20 Schlechtwetter-Aktivitäten

What can you do in Prague in the rain?

To help you keep your head above water in rainy or bad weather, we have prepared a list of the 20 best things to do in Prague in the rain.

Let's start!

1. Discover Prague from the Water

A boat tour can be all the more romantic and fascinating in the rain. The city seems immediately much dreamier and can be admired in a completely different light.

Since the boats are covered, you can just snuggle into the cozy-warm interior and discover the highlights of the city from the water. Vltava River tours belong on every Prague traveler's to-do list anyway. A wide variety of tours are offered - from panoramic river cruises to sightseeing dinner cruises.

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2. Museum Visit

Museums can be found on almost every corner in Prague. Take advantage of the rainy weather to discover Prague's cultural offerings. Some of the classics are the Prague National Museum, the Jewish Museum, the Museum of Communism, and the National Technical Museum.

Also, museums like the Museum of Miniatures, the Museum of the Senses, the Chocolate Museum, and the Lego Museum are ideal for a family vacation.

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3. Wellness Day

Escape from the rain and pamper yourself with a wellness day. Numerous spas and thermal baths, as well as health resorts, such as Teplice, the oldest spa in Bohemia (only an hour's drive from Prague), can be visited in the region.

A special kind of wellness experience is offered by the two beer spas in the heart of Prague. Those who prefer a more classic experience can make use of the numerous wellness offerings in Prague's wellness hotels and unwind there.

4. Fernsehturm Zizkov

You can get a bit closer to the clouds in Prague's Žižkov TV Tower. At a height of 216 meters, it is one of the tallest buildings in the Czech capital. The restaurant at 63 meters offers culinary delights. On the viewing platform at 95 meters, one of the best viewpoints in Prague, you can watch the rain clouds slowly pass by...

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5. Aquapalace

A day at the Aquapalace helps to forget the dreary rainy weather quite quickly. The largest aqua park in Central Europe is a popular Prague attraction for kids. While the little ones romp in the children's water playground with a pirate shipwreck, adults can relax in the sauna world. Attractions like the turbo slides and the space bowl offer pure adrenaline.

6. Enjoy Bohemian Cuisine

Escape the rain with a visit to a restaurant or café. Classics of traditional Czech cuisine such as dumplings, goulash, "Bohemian soup," and roast pork are waiting for you. You can find our tips on the best restaurants in our list of 13 restaurants in Prague with Bohemian cuisine.

Currently, the most famous Czech dessert is the Baumkuchen or Trdelnik, which used to be found only at Christmas markets or in street stalls. Thanks to the current hype around the pastry, you can find it on almost every corner. We recommend the Good Food Coffee and Bakery on Karlov Street in front of Charles Bridge.

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7. Prague Castle

Prague Castle attracts many visitors not only on rainy weather days. The majestic 9th-century castle holds countless sights, including important museums, churches, palaces, and parks. Highlights include St. Vitus Cathedral, the Old Royal Palace, the Basilica of St. George, and the Golden Lane. The castle is also an experience for children, you can travel back in time to the Middle Ages and discover how Bohemian kings, Holy Roman Emperors, and Austrian Emperors once lived and ruled.

If you are not afraid of a few raindrops, we recommend the ceremonial changing of the castle guard. It takes place daily at 12 o'clock with great pomp and marching music on the square of honor.

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8. Prague Underworld Exploration

The perfect place to brave the rainy weather is Prague's Underworld. Various guided tours of underground Prague show a whole new side of the Czech capital.

Discover hidden rooms, cellars, and dungeons, while learning more about Prague's medieval history.

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9.  Shopping in Prague

Of course, one classic rainy weather activity should not go unmentioned here: shopping! The Czech capital is a true shopper's paradise. Visitors can enjoy not only a wide range of different offerings, but also comparatively cheaper products. Ideal in rainy weather is the "Palladium" with 200 stores in downtown Prague.

10. Prague Beer Culture

Gray rainy weather is perfect for experiencing Prague's beer culture. To taste the famous Czech beers such as Pilsner and Budweiser, there are plenty of breweries, pubs, and bars. You can find our recommendations on this list: Where can I drink good beer in Prague?

The special relationship with the golden brew is also noticeable in Prague with many attractions that offer curiosities related to beer. Besides the well-known pub crawls, there is, for example, a beer spa, a beer museum, city tours by beer bike, even airport transfers on a beer bus.

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11. Classical Concerts

Another tourist magnet in Prague, which delights minds even in adverse weather conditions, are classical concerts. The Czech capital has long been considered a center of classical music. Not only the Czech national composer Smetana, famous for the play "The Moldau", but also the premieres of Mozart's operas Don Giovanni, and Figaro made classical music popular in Prague among both locals and tourists.

Numerous concert halls, churches, palaces, opera houses, and theaters offer outstanding classical concerts in a breathtaking atmosphere.

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12. Butterfly House Papilonia

A visit to the Papionia Butterfly House offers a glimpse into the world of butterflies as well as stunning photo opportunities. Admire hundreds of exotic butterflies from around the world fluttering around visitors. The green oasis with more than 600 colorful butterflies is the ideal retreat, as the building is always heated to 26 degrees, regardless of climate and weather conditions.

13. Skydiving

You can defy gravity and rainy weather in the wind tunnel of the Skydive Arena in Prague. You will feel pure adrenaline when you experience the forces of free fall on your own body and fly like a bird. If you want, you can have your 4-minute flight experience recorded and take it home as a souvenir.

14. Escape Room

On a rainy day, a visit to an Escape Room will please all ages. To escape from the realistically designed themed room, skill, powers of deduction, and team spirit are required. Thrills and exciting puzzle adventures quickly make you forget the rainy weather.

15. Black Light Theater

Escape the rain at a theater performance. However, the black light theater performance is a special kind of experience. Enjoy a completely non-verbal, but all the more magical interactive 4D show under black lights. The exciting theater performance with spectacular visual effects is a spectacle for the whole family.

16. Strahov Monastery

Founded in 1143, Strahov Monastery houses a magnificently appointed Baroque library that houses more than 200,000 volumes, artifacts, and curiosities. The monastery, near Prague Castle, is also home to a brewery reputed to brew the best beer in the Czech Republic.

17. Make Day Trips

Even though you probably won't escape the rainy weather on a trip to Prague's surroundings, an adventure and exploring a new city makes you look at the rainy weather in a completely different light. Charming Bohemian villages, like Český Krumlov and Kutná Hora, and also the Terezín Memorial are located in the area surrounding Prague and are extremely worth seeing.

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18. Play Mini Golf Under Black Light

Against gloomy weather and gloomy moods helps a game of mini golf in the dark! Whether with friends or family, playing mini golf under black light is not only fun, it's also a feast for the eyes. See how the black light reflects off the bright colors on the golf balls, obstacles, and room decorations. If that's not enough, you can also paint your face with black light face paint.

19. Museum of Alchemists and Magic of Ancient Prague, or Speculum Alchemiae

Those looking for a rain spell may find what they are looking for at the Museum of Alchemists and Magic of Old Prague. In the former residence of the court alchemist and maker of miracle elixirs, Edward Kelley, visitors can explore the fascinating world of alchemy and magic. Discover under what conditions experiments were performed and elixirs were brewed.

The exhibition focuses on the most famous era of alchemists, the reign of Rudolf II. Especially worth seeing are the library of the alchemist John Dee and the room of Doctor Faust.

The second museum in this direction in Prague is the Speculum Alchemiae.

20. Rain Walk

For those who don't shy away from the rain, we recommend a rain walk. You can enjoy a completely different view of the city, which is now dominated by peace and quiet.

Crowded places are deserted and nature can be especially magical in the rain. Afterwards, you can warm up in a cozy café with a nice hot drink.

You can find our café recommendations in our list of 14 Cafés in Prague.

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