15 Top Things to Do for Kids in Prague [+ Tickets & Map]

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Welcome to the enchanting city of Prague, where history, culture, and fun come together to create an unforgettable experience for families with children.

From magical castles to exciting museums and zoos, Prague has a plethora of activities that will keep your little ones entertained and engaged throughout your trip.

In this article, we've put together a comprehensive list with the top 15 Things to do for kids in Prague, complete with tickets and a map to help you plan your itinerary.

Let's start!

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1. Aquapalace

Aquapalace Prag

Pure water fun can be had at Aquapalace, the largest water park in Central Europe. Here the whole family can look forward to action, fun, and relaxation. While children romp in the children's water playground with pirate shipwreck, adults can relax in the sauna world and whirlpools. Attractions such as the turbo slides and the space bowl, on the other hand, provide the adrenaline kick.

2. Prague Zoo

With an area of 58 hectares, Prague Zoo is the largest zoo in the country. Over 650 species of animals, including endangered species, are at home in Prague Zoo. It is located on a beautiful area of the city in the Troy district, which is crisscrossed by streams and watercourses. This fact contributes significantly to the fact that the zoo is one of the most beautiful animal parks in the world. The main attractions include the Indonesian Jungle, the Africa House, and the Valley of the Elephants.

3. LEGO Museum

The LEGO Museum in Prague's city center delights with the world's largest collection of LEGO exhibits. 20 themed areas, including Harry Potter, Pirates, Star Wars, and Prague attractions, such as the Charles Bridge and the Prague Castle invite you to marvel. The museum also includes a LEGO building set store.

4. Prague Castle

The absolute highlight of any trip to Prague is the spectacular Prague Castle from the 9th century. The castle is also an experience for children, who can travel back in time to the Middle Ages and see how Bohemian kings, Holy Roman Emperors and Austrian Emperors once lived and ruled.

As the largest enclosed castle area in the world, the majestic complex of museums, churches, palaces, and parks holds countless attractions. Some of the main attractions are St. Vitus Cathedral, the Old Royal Palace, the Basilica of St. George, and the Golden Lane. The highlight of the Prague Tower is the ceremonial changing of the castle guard, which takes place daily at 12 noon with great pomp and marching music in the Square of Honor.

  • Learn all about the sights in Prague Castle as well as useful details about tickets and tours in our dedicated guide about Prague Castle

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5. Toy Museum

Another reason to visit the imposing Prague Castle is the Toy Museum. You can find it on the huge castle grounds. The little ones can marvel at the countless toys and at the same time learn what children from different eras - from Ancient Greece to today - played with. Girls will especially enjoy the extensive collection of Barbie dolls.

6. Museum of Senses

This hands-on museum is located in the center of Prague, near Wenceslas Square. It delights the senses of its visitors with optical illusions, scent tests, and other effects. Interactive rooms lead both adults and children into the world of the senses with attractions, including the Vortex Tunnel, the AMES Room, a 3D stable, and a bed of nails with hundreds of nails.

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7. Boat Tours on the Vltava River

One of thmost popular attractions in Prague is definitely a Vltava River tour. They are especially popular with families with children, because you can discover the city so leisurely. Various tours are offered, during which you can admire the highlights of Prague from the water. A great experience for young and old!

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8. Papilonia Butterfly House 

The enchanting Papilonia Butterfly House offers a glimpse into the fascinating world of butterflies. Admire hundreds of exotic butterflies from around the world fluttering around visitors. The green oasis with more than 600 colorful butterflies offers the perfect retreat and invites you to take breathtaking photographs. 

Best of all, the Butterfly House is also perfect in the rain, as the building is always heated to 26 degrees regardless of climate or weather conditions.

9. Petrin Hill With the Observation Tower

Riding the cable car up the 318-meter Petrin Hill is already an experience for most children. Once at the top, however, they can look forward to further attractions. In addition to a sensational view of Prague, the hill offers beautiful gardens and the 61-meter-high Petrin Observation Tower, which is modeled after the Eiffel Tower in Paris. As the highest vantage point in Prague, it reveals a unique panorama. Children can also have fun in the hall of mirrors.

10. Play Mini Golf Under Black Lights

A game of mini golf in the dark is pure fun! Whether with friends or family, playing mini golf under black lights is not only fun, it's also a feast for the eyes. Admire how the black light reflects off the bright colors of the golf balls, obstacles, and room decorations. If that's not enough, you can also paint your face with black light face paints.

11. Museum of Alchemy

A special kind of museum in Prague is the Speculum Alchemiae Museum. It is housed in an old alchemist's laboratory from the 16th century, which was only recently rediscovered during renovation work. Visitors can take a look at the historic Rudolfin Alchemy Workshop and learn more about the mystery of Alchemy and Magic. Children from 7 years old will be as fascinated as adults.

12. Chocolate Museum

The Chocotopia Chocolate Museum offers a delicious insight into the world of chocolate. Learn more about the history and production of this sweet treat. But don't miss out on the feasting, either. Taste pralines, truffles, and chocolate. Various workshops complete the offerings.

13. Žižkov Television Tower

Also very exciting for children is the Žižkov TV Tower in Prague. It is open to the public and is located in the Žižkov district. With a height of 216 meters, the TV Tower is one of the tallest buildings in Prague. An observation deck at 95 meters and a restaurant at 63 meters offer spectacular views.

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14. Illusion Art Museum

The family-friendly Illusion Art Museum is located in a historically landmarked building in the Old Town Square. Optical illusions, spatial illusions, as well as metallurgical paintings are spread over two floors and amaze adults and children. Works by famous illusion artists, including Patrik Proško and Patrick Hughes, are also on display.

In addition to the optical illusions and the partly interactive illusion art, visitors can also look forward to a grand view of the spectacular Astronomical Clock at the Town Hall.

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15. Trdelnik (Chimney Cake)

Chimney cake, or Trdelnik in Czech, has been a staple of Prague street life again for a few years now. It is said to have all started with the pictures of Good Food's chimney cake in the alley near the Old Town Charles Bridge Tower and the attention it attracted on Instagram.

Now, stores selling chimney cake are all over Prague, starting with the classic version with granulated sugar or with a filling along the lines of "ice cream, fruit, or apple strudel."


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