20 Best Museums in Prague [+Tickets & Map]

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20 Museen in Prag

The charming city of Prague is dotted with interesting museums that hold unique cultural, historical, and architectural treasures.

Of the countless museums, however, there are also those that do not do enough justice to the name "museum" and are more dedicated to selling products than exhibiting a collection.

To make sure you don't miss Prague's most worthwhile cultural treasures, here's our list of the 20 best museums in Prague.

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1. Franz Kafka Museum

This museum is not far from Charles Bridge and is dedicated to one of the greatest writers of the 20th century: Franz Kafka, who lived and worked in Prague. In addition to his works, the Franz Kafka Museum also documents personal items from the life of the eccentric writer, including diary pages, photographs, drawings, and letters.

The museum is divided into two parts: the "Existential Space" and the "Imaginary Topography" area. Also worth seeing is the fountain in the courtyard of the museum with the infamous sculpture by David Černý.

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2. Prague National Museum

The Prague National Museum at the end of Wenceslas Square is the largest and oldest museum in the Czech Republic. The magnificent main building houses exhibits on the history of the Czech Republic, Bohemia, and Moravia, as well as exhibitions on zoology, mineralogy, and anthropology. The old part of the museum is supplemented by a new building.

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3. Museum of Communism

The Museum of Communism is located near Wenceslas Square and the Old Town Square. It gives you authentic insight into life in the Czech Republic during the communist era, from the February coup in 1948 to November 1989.

Original objects, as well as walk-in, authentically recreated rooms, such as an interrogation room, a classroom, and the workroom of a shock worker, tell about everyday life in the totalitarian regime. The violent suppression of the Prague Spring, censorship, secret police, propaganda, repression of the population, and much more is vividly portrayed.

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4. National Technical Museum

The National Technical Museum near Letná Park was founded in 1908. It extensively documents the development of technology, industry, and natural sciences in the region. A total of 14 permanent exhibitions deal with topics such as astronomy, timekeeping, means of transport, acoustics, architecture, and more.

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5. Kampa Museum

Kampa Museum is a private gallery of modern art. It is located on Kampa Island in the former Sova Mills. It presents works by Czech, Polish, and Slovak artists, as well as those from the former Yugoslavia. Some of  the most famous representatives are František Kupka and Otta Gutfreund.

6. Jewish Museum

The Jewish Museum, founded in 1906, is located in Josefov, the Jewish Quarter in Prague. Here you can learn more about the history, life, customs, and traditions of Jewish communities in Bohemia and Moravia. The extensive collection includes one of the world's most detailed collections of literature on Judaism.

The museum also includes the Old Jewish Cemetery, the Ceremonial Hall, the Robert Guttmann Gallery, the Maisel Synagogue, the Pinkas Synagogue, the Spanish Synagogue, and the Klausen Synagogue, which are managed by the museum. The museum's offerings are supplemented by changing thematic exhibitions and musical events.

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7. Exhibitions in Prague Castle

In the huge Prague Castle complex you will find several interesting collections. These include the "Prince's Collection" in Lobkowicz Palace, the armor exhibition in the Golden Lane, the sculpture and painting exhibition in Schwarzenberg Palace, the National Gallery in Sternberg Palace with European art from antiquity to the Baroque, the History of Prague Castle permanent exhibition in the Old Royal Palace, and the exhibition in the Rosenberg Palace, which housed a convent for noble ladies.

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8. Bedřich Smetana Museum

Built in honor of the Czech national composer Smetana, the museum is one of the National Museum in Prague. It is housed in a magnificent neo-Renaissance building of the former Old Town Waterworks, which offers a breathtaking view of the Vltava River.

The two-story museum features exhibits on Smetana's life, including photographs, letters, newspaper clippings, and personal items. There is also a research center on the life of the Czech composer and an archive.

9. Speculum Alchemiae, Alchemy Museum 

The Speculum Alchemiae, Alchemy Museum in Prague's Jewish Quarter, highlights the history of alchemy. It is housed in an old alchemist's laboratory from the 16th century, which was only recently rediscovered during renovation work. You can take a look at the historic Rudolfin alchemy workshop and learn more about the mystery of alchemy and magic in Speculum Alchemiae Museum.

10. Mucha Museum

The Mucha Art Museum in the baroque Kaunický Palace near Wenceslas Square is dedicated to the life and works of the Czech-French Art Nouveau painter Alfons Mucha. The focus is on his creative period in Paris. On display are numerous works by the main representative of Art Nouveau painting, including posters, oil paintings, drawings, photographs, and sculptures, as well as personal objects.

11. Museum of the Senses

This museum delights your sensory world with optical illusions, scent tests, and other highlights. Interactive rooms let both adults and children get acquainted with the world of senses with attractions such as the Vortex Tunnel, the AMES Room, a 3D stable, and a bed of nails with hundreds of nails. The Museum of the Senses is located in the center of Prague near Wenceslas Square.

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12. Vysehrad

On a rock above the Vltava River stands Vyšehrad, a medieval fortress from the 10th century. According to legends, it is the oldest princely seat in Bohemia. The Baroque fortress includes numerous treasures, such as the neo-Gothic Church of St. Peter and Paul, the Romanesque Rotunda of St. Martinn and underground casemates. Also, the Vyšehrad Gallery should be mentioned here. This is located in a remnant of a medieval watchtower and shows fine art exhibitions.

13. Strahov Monastery

Strahov Monastery was founded in 1143 and houses a stunning Baroque library that houses over 200,000 volumes. Located near Prague Castle, the monastery is also home to a brewery that is said to brew the best beer in the Czech Republic. After your foray into the lavishly furnished library, a walk to the monastery's beer garden is the perfect way to enjoy the beer.

14. Prague Museum of the Capital

The Museum of the Capital City of Prague presents the history of Prague, starting from prehistoric times to the present. The museum consists of a main building and several outbuildings, including the Prague Towers.

The magnificent main building in the neo-Renaissance style shows the history of the city in the periods of prehistoric times, the Middle Ages, the transition from the Middle Ages to modern times, and the Baroque era in its permanent exhibitions, which are dominated by archaeological collections. The highlight is the large model of Prague.

15. Museum of Medieval Instruments of Torture

Housed in a dark basement room in the heart of Prague, the Museum of Medieval Torture Instruments demonstrates which torture methods and tools were used in the Middle Ages. The 14 exhibition rooms, spread over three floors, present over 80 torture devices from all over Europe with explanations in various languages. During their tour, you also learn more about medieval society and how witches, heretics, and political enemies were tortured and burned.

16. Czech Beer Museum

Even though the Czech Beer Museum in the heart of Prague is not a museum in the traditional sense, it still belongs on our list of the most interesting museums. You can learn more about the special relationship between the Czech Republic and lager beer. Among other things, the museum conveys the country's more than 1000-year-old art of brewing, as well as aspects of beer production.

You also get the chance to taste different Czech beers and even fill a bottle yourself as well as label it individually.

17. Apple Museum

Apple fans will get their money's worth at the Apple Museum, which opened in 2015. Dedicated to the world of Apple products, the museum houses the world's largest private collection of Apple products. On display are iPhones, iPads, and iPods from 1976 to 2012, including the first Macintosh. In addition, the fascinating past of founder, Steve Jobs, is illuminated and relics of the founder are on display.

18. Alchemists and Magicians Museum in Old Prague

In the former residence of the court alchemist and maker of miracle elixirs, Edward Kelley, today you can explore the fascinating world of alchemy and magic. The Alchemists and Magicians Museum in Old Prague shows under what conditions experiments were carried out and elixirs were brewed. The exhibition focuses on the most famous era of alchemists, the reign of Rudolf II. Highlights are the library of the alchemist John Dee and the room of Doctor Faust.

19. Museum of Decorative Arts

In the Museum of Decorative Arts, you can marvel at fine craftsmanship on various materials. Founded in 1885 by the Prague Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the museum also demonstrates the development of materials such as ceramics, metal, glass, textiles, graphics, and more.

20. Illusion Art Museum

The Illusion Art Museum is located in a historically landmarked building in the Old Town Square. You will be amazed here on two floors with optical illusions, spatial illusions, as well as metallurgical paintings. Works by famous illusion artists, including Patrik Proško and Patrick Hughes, are also on display.

In addition to the optical illusions and the partly interactive illusion art, you will also be rewarded with breathtaking views of the spectacular Astronomical Clock on the Town Hall.

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