9 Best Shopping Centers in Prague

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9 Einkaufszentren in Prag

Here is a selection with interesting shopping centers in Prague.

They are all very popular in Prague. There are more shopping centers per square meter and inhabitant than in any other capital city in Europe. Even London lags behind Prague.

Many of the best shopping malls are built directly above or in close proximity to metro stations. They are usually open on Sunday as well.

In addition to the large shopping centers, there are many small ones, which are more like arcades and are located along well-known shopping streets, such as Na Příkopě.

1. Palladium

Palladium is the largest and most famous shopping center in Prague, it is considered one of the largest in the Czech Republic. Palladium is located in a former barracks, the interior of which is protected as a historic monument, but was changed so much during the reconstruction that practically nothing is left of it.

In 170 stores, visitors are offered a mixture of branches of well-known chains such as H&M, Douglas, Marc O’Polo, Marks & Spencer, Mango, Deichmann, Orsay, etc., as well as smaller boutiques. The selection of items ranges from clothing, books, food and cosmetics to electronics, sporting goods, and toys.

20 restaurants cater to the physical well-being of visitors, including Starbucks, Burger King, KFC, McDonald’s, Nordsee, and Pizza Hut.

Finding your way around Palladium is somewhat difficult, partly due to the irregular positioning of the escalators, which in some places only lead in one direction. There are only two public restrooms in the entire building complex, well hidden on the lowest and top floors.

Palladium is centrally located and can be reached directly by metro, yellow line B, Náměstí Republiky (Republic Square) stop.

In the basement there is the largest underground parking garage in the city center with 900 parking spaces. The underground garage is open around the clock.

2. Kotva Shopping Center

Directly opposite from Palladium is Kotva shopping center. The name translates to "anchor." The department store was built between 1970 and 1975 from the design of a pair of Czech architects and by a Swedish construction company, which was very unusual at the time. The floor plan consists of several intertwined hexagons and is reminiscent of honeycombs. It was to become a symbol of abundance and wealth under socialism.
As onne of the oldest department stores in the Czech Republic, Kotva has been considered a Czech cultural monument since April 2019.

Upscale goods from traditional and world-renowned brands are offered here, including Baker Street, Bugatti, Elegance, Gil Santucci, Villeroy&Boch, and many more. At the very top, there is a terrace that offers a very nice view of the historic center of Prague.

Kotva Shopping Center is centrally located and can be reached directly by metro, yellow line B, Náměstí Republiky (Republic Square) stop.

3. Florentinum

Just a few minutes‘ walk away is Florentinum, another modern shopping center in Prague. It is bright and friendly and it presents a relatively clear selection of stores. It is visited by many locals, as numerous offices are located nearby. In addition to local brands, you can also find brands like Neo Luxor and Rossmann.

Albert Supermarket is located in the basement. There is a mini food court that offers salads, Mexican, and Asian fast food. Starbucks is located right next to the entrance in an open green space.

Inside the building there are water clocks that show the current time in hours, minutes, and seconds.

Florentinum can be reached directly by metro, yellow line B or red line C, Florenc stop.

4. Atrium Flora

Atrium Flora is a chic shopping center in Prague. With 120 stores, it is one of the smaller of its kind. In addition to local brands, there are also many internationally known stores, including Calzedonia, DM, Butlers, Fischer, Claire’s, Intimissimi, Luxor, Relax, Sephora, Tschibo, and many more. The food court is located on the upper floor.

The atrium also houses an IMAX 3D cinema.
Albert Supermarket is open every day until midnight.

Atrium can be reached directly by metro, green line A, Flora stop. There is a direct access from the metro station into the shopping center.

5. Slovanský dům 

This shopping center is located on one of the most important shopping streets in Prague, Na Příkopě. The palace was built in the Baroque style from 1695 to 1700. From 1875 to 1945, it served as the headquarters of the German House Association and was the center of social life for the German-speaking population in Prague. In 1997, the complex was renovated and converted into a commercial and office center.

Slovanský dům offers visitors various upscale shopping opportunities, numerous luxury stores are represented here as well as domestic brands. Restaurants and cafes invite visitors to linger.

The complex houses a multiplex cinema with 10 theaters and 1800 seats.
Particularly noteworthy is the large French-style garden, the same of which is difficult to find in the city center.

Slovanský dům is centrally located and can be reached directly by metro, yellow line B, Náměstí Republiky (Republic Square) stop. From there it is only a few minutes walk.

6. Myslbek

This shopping center is also located on Na Příkopě street. The shopping arcade connects the Old Town with the New Town and is dominated by a central atrium, which also houses restaurants, including Vapiano and Pizza Coloseum.

The 20 stores offer the visitor a mixture of the stores from well-known chains, such as H&M, Gant, Calvin Klein, Guess, Karl Lagerfeld, etc., as well as smaller boutiques.

Myslbek is centrally located and can be reached directly by metro, yellow line B and green line A – Můstek stop. From there it is 2 minutes walk.

7. Pasáž Černá Růže

Černá růže means "Black Rose" in English. The shopping center is located in a baroque building from the 1840s, of which only the facade is still intact. Just a few steps from Wenceslas Square, it connects Na Příkopě Street with Panská Street. It has been operating as a shopping center since 1932 and is considered one of the oldest in Prague.

The stores are upscale. Brands like Adidas, Pierre Cardin, Guy Laroche, Bugatti, Adidas, Roberto Cavalli, and others can be found here. You can find crystal in addition to clothing, shoes, and leather jackets.

The Moser store on the second floor is more reminiscent of a museum than a store, with its original interior, antique furniture, and chandeliers. It is definitely worth a visit. Here you will find a large selection of drinking glasses and decorative items made by Moser Glassworks. There is also china from Bernardaud, Herend, and Lladro.

There are coffee bars on all 3 floors, and the pizzeria on the top floor is recommended.

Černá růže is centrally located and can be reached directly by metro, yellow line B and green line A, Můstek stop. From there it is only a few minutes walk.

8. Koruna Palace

Right at the bottom of Wenceslas Square lies this building built in the late Art Nouveau style. The corner tower structure is stylized, at its top into a golden crown of pearls surrounded by enormous muscular allegorical statues - the impressive guardians of the palace. In the stores, the visitor is offered a mixture of  well-known chains stores, as well as local brands.

VaNa 1 Outlet Store is the largest outlet store in the center of Prague with 4 floors and a sales area of 2,700 sqm. Brands such as Puma, Adidas, Nike, Vans, Guess, Valentino, Love Moschino, Makia, Emporio Armani, Levis, Kappa, and many more can be found here.

The megastore, Betonland, in the basement is the largest music store in Prague with 2,200 sqm floor space and is even considered the largest store in Central Europe selling CDs, DVDs, records, music cassettes, and video cassettes.

Various cafes and restaurants invite you to rest. There is a branch of the popular pizza chain, Coloseum Pizzeria, here also.

Located directly on Wenceslas Square, Koruna Palace is easily accessible by metro, yellow line B and green line A, Můstek stop. From there it is only a few minutes walk.

9. Arkády Pankrác

Arkády Pankrác is located in the 4th district of Prague in the southern part of the city and is one of the largest and youngest shopping centers in Prague. Primarily fashion and accessories are offered here. Well-known brands, such as Pierre Cardin, Calvin Klein, Guess by Marciano, Pierre Cardin, DKNY, Next, Gant, H&M, and Mango can be found here. There are a total of 9 different shoe stores.

A food court takes care of the physical well-being of the guests, among others, a branch of the Lebanese restaurant Safir can be found here. Arkády Pankrác is easily accessible by subway, red line C, Pankrác stop. From the metro stop there is a direct access.

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