Where Can I Drink Good Beer in Prague?

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Wo kann ich gutes Bier in Prag trinken

The best beer is said to be brewed in the Czech Republic, and there are about 40,000 pubs throughout the country where it is served.

Statistically, each inhabitant drinks 140 liters of beer per year, which is the highest beer consumption in the world. The pub is still considered the most popular public meeting place for Czechs.

If you would like to try a beer from the Czech Republic, you will find plenty of opportunities to do so in Prague. Here we have compiled a small selection of beer pubs.

1. Strahov Monastery Brewery

Very close to Prague Castle is the Strahov Monastery Brewery, where beer has been brewed since the 13th century. Here, in the family business, St. Norbert beer is produced in many variations. The regular pale beer has an original gravity of 13% and an alcohol content of 5.3%.

The seasonal beer selections are interesting, including St. Norbert autumn beer, a bock beer with 6.3% alcohol, which is served from the end of September, and the Easter beer with 5.3%, which is served on the Friday before Good Friday.

If you get hungry, try one of the Czech dishes.

Here is more about the Strahov Monastery.

Address:  Klosterbrauerei Strahov, Strahovské nádvoří 1/132, Strahov, 118 00 Prague

2. Beer Museum

In cellars from the 13th century, a model of a brewery is used to show how malt is produced and hops are processed; the smell of hops and malt alone is intoxicating. As a typical souvenir from Prague, you can take home a bottle of beer that you bottled yourself. The guest room is located in a vaulted cellar and conveys an atmosphere like 200 years ago.

Address: Biermuseum, Husova 7, Staré Město, 11000 Prague

3. U Medvidku  – At the Bear

The U Medvidku brewery with an incorporated restaurant is one of the oldest and largest beer houses in Prague and, apart from its excellent cuisine, is best known for its Budweiser.

Although it's now very popular with tourists, the pub has retained its original charm. X-Beer 33 is produced here, which is said to be the strongest beer in the world with an alcohol content of 11.8%.

Address: U Medvidku, Na Perštýně 5, Staré Město, 110 00 Prague

4. Pivovarský dům – Brewery House

Pivovarský dům was opened in 1998. The mini-brewery always taps at least 8 types of beer, from light to dark to wheat beer and beers with special flavors. A real rarity is the sparkling Šamp beer, the first beer to be fermented in the bottle.

Traditional Czech cuisine is offered, some dishes are prepared with beer.

Address: Pivovarský dům, Ječná/ Lipová 15, Vinohrady, 120 00 Prague

Popular Beer Experiences in Prague

5. U Fleků – At the Spot

Founded in 1499, U Fleků is one of the oldest breweries in Prague. The historical clock on the facade is a landmark. The dark lager brewed here with 13% original gravity is brewed and drunk exclusively in the Spot.

U Fleků has 8 guest rooms, each decorated in a different style, in the summer you sit outside in the beer garden. On the menu you will find dishes from the Czech cuisine.

Until the mid-80s, U Fleků was a meeting place for the blues scene of the GDR, a mixture of blues or rock fans and flower children.

Address: U Fleků, Křemencova 11, Nové Město, 110 00 Prague

6. U Tří růží   – At the Three Roses

The history of this brewery, which is one of the oldest in the country, began as early as 1405. The interior is adapted to the historical background and the wall paintings tell about the eventful history of beer brewing in the Czech Republic. Several types of beer and 6 different special beers are brewed here, the most famous is the "Vienna Red" beer.

Address: U Tří růží, Husova 10/232, Staré Město, 110 00 Prague

7. Craft House Prague

Craft House Prague is a modern multi-tap beer pub in Prague's New Town. It offers 27 beers on tap, as well as more than 100 varieties of bottled beer from around the world. At the standalone Imperial Bar, with its six taps, you'll find stronger varieties such as Russian Imperial Stouts, Double IPA, and Quadruples.

If you're hungry, try one of the 4 types of Scandinavian open-faced sandwiches, called Smørrebrød.

Address: Craft House Prague, Navrátilova 1421/11, Nové Město, 110 00 Prague

8. Břevnov Brewery

Břevnov Brewery is the oldest brewery in the whole of the Czech Republic. Its history is inextricably linked with that of the monastery founded in 993, it is assumed that soon after the foundation the brewery was also built.

Today the brewery is located in the Baroque building of the former stables. In the stylish monastery pub, in addition to the brewery's own Benedict beer, classic Czech beers and specialty beers are served.

Address: Břenov Brewery, Markétská 1/28, 169 00 Praha

9. Dno Pytle – Bottom of the Bag

This cozy pub is unique, as it is the only pub in the country where beer flows only by its own gradient and gravity from the wooden barrels to the taps. On offer are Czech lagers and ales, as well as Bavarian cellar beers and wheat beer.

The menu includes small dishes, including grilled Bavarian bratwursts.

Address: Dno Pytle, Vinohradská 63, Vinohrady, 120 00 Praha

10. U Zlatého Tygra – At the Golden Tiger

Not far from the Old Town Square, near Charles Street, lies U Zlatého Tygra. It used to be a meeting place of the literary scene and it was the favorite pub of the famous Czech writer, Bohumil Hrabal.

In 1994, President Václav Havel invited Bill Clinton here for a drink. The Golden Tiger consists of a single room with long wooden tables and benches. Pilsner beer is served, and the menu includes small snacks.

Address: U Zlatého Tygra, Husova 17, 110 00 Prague

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