Public Transport in Prague: Fares, Tickets & Tips

Guide to Prague Transportation, Routes, and Tickets Available for Locals and Travelers in Prague.

Which City Pass is worthwhile for Travelers in Prague?

Best City Cards Options

A city pass for Prague is a great option for travelers looking to make the most of their trip. It provides discounted or even free access to top attractions and activities in the city, saving you both time and money. With a city pass, you can easily plan your itinerary and explore Prague's rich culture and history without breaking the bank.

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Comparison Table for City Pass Options in Prague




Prague Visitor Pass
Prague CoolPass




48, 72 or 120 Hours

1-6 Days


Sales Points / Online

Sales Points / Online



From 96.00 €

From 64.00 €

1. Prague Visitor Pass (recommended)

Prague Visitor Pass

The Prague Visitor Pass offers a convenient and cost-effective way to discover the charming city of Prague and its unique character. With unlimited access to public transport, including the airport journey, and free admission or discounts to over 60 attractions, museums, galleries, and tours, this city pass is the ultimate travel companion for anyone exploring the Czech capital. From free entry to the famous Prague Castle, and the Old Town Hall with its Astronomical Clock to unique experiences like a Vltava River cruise and a guided tour through Prague's Jewish Quarter, the pass covers a wide range of activities.

2. Prague CoolPass

Prague CoolPass

Enjoy access to over 70 of Prague’s best attractions, museums, tours and cruises with the Prague CoolPass, another excellent city pass option for exploring the beautiful city of Prague. This comprehensive sightseeing package includes free entrance to top attractions such as Prague Castle, Prague ZOO, Jewish Museum, Petřín View Tower and Vyšehrad Fortress, and many more. Other highlights include a romantic cruise and a 2-hour bus tour through historical Prague. With your mobile device, you can access the digital guide, which provides detailed information and navigation to each attraction. You can choose from 1,2,3,4,5, and 6-day passes for adults or children, and take advantage of special savings offers on additional tours, activities, food, and more.

How Does Public Transport Work in Prague?

Local transport in Prague consists of a network of metro, streetcars, buses, and suburban buses. The cable car up to Petrin is also part of it.

Purchasing tickets is possible at the yellow ticket machines located in all metro stations and at some bus stops. The machines are also in English. Tickets can also be purchased at Info Centers. Various newsstands also sell one-way tickets.

There are fares for 24 and 72 hours, single trips, daily tickets, and weekly tickets. A day pass pays for itself after three single trips. 

Tickets must be validated before the start of the journey!

Means of Transport in Prague

  • Metro: 3 metro lines run in Prague, marked with colors for easy orientation: green line A, yellow line B, and red line C.
  • Funicular: Funicular from 1891 goes to the Petrin Tower viewpoint, located on the 318-meter-high hill with the same name in the Lesser Town.
  • Streetcars and Buses: 25 streetcar lines and 175 bus lines operate daily in Prague.

Fare: A single trip costs 0.90 euros or 2.00 euros. The ticket is valid for 30 or 90 minutes, you can change trains as often as you like, even between the different means of transport, or interrupt the journey. A day ticket costs 5.90 euros and is valid for 24 hours. A reduced fare applies to children up to 14 years of age. Children under 6 years of age do not need a ticket.

What Tickets are Available?

Here is an overview of the most important tickets.

  1. 1
    30 Minutes Single Trip: This ticket is valid for 30 minutes. During this period, you can change trains as often as you like, interrupt the journey, or change the means of transport. The ticket costs the equivalent of about 0.90 euros.
  2. 2
    90 Minutes of Fast Travel: This ticket is valid for 90 minutes. During this period, you may change trains as often as you like, interrupt your journey, or change means of transport. The ticket costs the equivalent of about 2.00 euros.
  3. 3
    Day Ticket: This ticket is valid for 24 hours from the time of validation and is valid for all means of public transport in Prague. Any number of trips and changes are allowed. The ticket costs the equivalent of about 5.90 euros.
  4. 4
    3-Day Ticket: These tickets are valid for 72 hours from the time of validation. Any number of trips is possible, you may change trains, and interrupt the journey. The ticket is valid on all Prague lines. A 3-day ticket costs the equivalent of about 14.80 euros.

Special Tickets

Here is an overview of special tickets for public transport in Prague. These include, for example, annual tickets, student tickets, and senoir tickets.

  1. 1
    Monthly Ticket: The ticket is valid on all public transport in Prague and costs the equivalent of about 22 euros.
  2. 2
    Three-Month, Five-Month, and Annual Pass: For all lines of the Prague Public Transport Company, the three-month pass costs 1,480 Czech crowns, about 55 euros, the five-month pass costs 2,450 Czech crowns, about 90 euros and the annual pass costs 3,650 Czech crowns, about 140 euros.
  3. 3
    Reduced Tickets: These include youth tickets, senior tickets, semester tickets, and tax-deductible company tickets.

More information about the price of individual tickets can be found in the price list of Prague Public Transport (PID). It also contains an overview of tickets for subsidized groups of people.

Prague Public Transport Network

The inner area in Prague is served by buses, streetcars, and metros, all major sights can be reached this way. Some of the streetcars go as far as the outskirts.

An overview of the most important line networks can be found on the following page of the Prague Public Transport Company .

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Where can I find the timetable for the PRAGUE lines?

You can find the timetables for Prague Public Transport at the following link: Prague Public Transport Company

Is there a day ticket in PRAGUE?

Yes, there is a separate day ticket for the metro, streetcars, suburban trains, and buses in Prague. It pays off after three trips on public transport in one day.

Is there a separate ticket for tourists in PRAGUE?

No. Although the Prague City Card offers discounts and free admission to many museums, sights. and attractions, it does not include public transport. For public transport, many visitors choose the 3-day ticket, which is valid on all lines of the Prague Public Transport Company for 72 hours after stamping.

after how many journeys does a day ticket pay off?

A day ticket pays off in Prague after 3 single trips in the regular fare.