Prague Shopping Guide

Where to shop and what you can find in Prague?

Here is our list of the best shopping streets, shopping centers, and markets in Prague.

Shopping Tips

Prague is the shopping metropolis of the Czech Republic. You can find shopping malls, shopping streets, small boutiques, and markets here.

There is everything from funky items to designer fashion and luxury labels.

The greatest density of hip shopping addresses can be found at the "Golden Cross" not far from Wenceslas Square and Old Town Square. Luxury labels have set up shop on Paris Street, the famous shopping street that forms a transition between the Old and New Towns.

Just off Republic Square is the Palladium, Prague's largest and best-known shopping center. Unique fashion can be found in small boutiques around Wenceslas Square.

Famous is the Havel Market, Havelské tržiště, with its stalls, cafes, and restaurants.

Opening Hours in Prague

Stores in Prague are generally open from Monday to Saturday, many are also open on Sundays. Supermarkets often open at 07:00, fashion stores at 09:00. Supermarkets close at 20:00 at the latest, sometimes as early as 19:00. Normal stores close at 20:00 at the latest.

Weekends: Since there is no store closing law, stores may also be open on Sundays. Large shopping centers and boutiques in the city center are usually open from noon until late in the evening.

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Souvenirs from Prague

What Can I Take Home from Prague?

Best Known Places to Shop

The largest shopping street. The most famous shopping center. The most important market.

Na Prikope

The main shopping street in Prague with shopping centers, international brand stores, and small boutiques in the side streets.


With 170 stores, the Palladium is the largest shopping center in Prague and also one of the largest in the Czech Republic. Branches of well-known chains mix with smaller boutiques. Numerous restaurants provide for the physical well-being of visitors.

Havel Market

Havel Market near Wenceslas Square is one of the "originals" in the capital. It dates back to 1232 and is the only permanent market in the city center. The lively market atmosphere, as well as national and international gastronomic offerings attract visitors from all over the world. The Havel Market is also easy to combine with sightseeing. If you are looking for a typical Czech souvenir, this is the place to be.

Wochenmarkt am Maybachufer in Berlin in Deutschland

What Can I Do While Shopping?

Prague is a capital city with almost 1.3 million inhabitants. That is why the shopping streets, neighborhoods, and centers are distributed throughout the city, and there are numerous pedestrian zones in Prague. This makes it easy to combine a visit to the main sights with a short shopping break.

Examples include Graben near Wenceslas Square and Národní Třída with the National Theater, as well as Paris Street, which runs directly through the Jewish Quarter.

Additionally, there are the Prague shopping centers.

Places to Shop Near Attractions

  • Golden Cross, Moat, National Avenue, and Paris Street: This location in the city center also makes these important shopping areas in Prague the best place for shopping during a city trip. For those who like to find alternatives to international brand stores, stroll through the side streets.
  • Palladium: Palladium department store is located just a few minutes walk from Republic Square. It stands close to the main attractions in the center of Prague, making it the ideal place for shopping in a mall, especially during rainy weather.
  • Havel Market: Close to the sights in central Prague, Havel Market is a good place to stroll along side street performers, street food, craft stalls, and typical souvenirs from Prague.

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Shopping Faq


Stores in Prague are usually open between 09:00 to 20:00. Supermarkets open at 07:00 and are open until 20:00 maximum. Shopping centers and fashion stores often open around 09:00 or 10:00. It always pays to check the exact opening hours of the stores on the Internet.


As there is no store closing law, stores are allowed to be open on weekends. The shopping centers and stores in the city center are usually open on weekends and also on Sundays, although with shorter opening hours.


Supermarkets, shopping centers, and stores almost always accept checking cards and credit cards. Small cafes, restaurants, and market stalls sometimes do not accept cards. Asking about card acceptance before ordering is therefore a recommendation in Prague.


The district especially around Wenceslas Square is the area in Prague with small boutiques with unique fashion.