Guide to Beer Museum in Prague: Info, Tickets & History

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Beer Museum in Prague

The Beer Museum is not a classic museum in the traditional sense.

The history of Czech beer and the art of brewing is told and exhibited here, but the focus is on tasting these products……

Na zdraví! - Cheers!

What Can I Do at the Beer Museum?

Beer Bike, Prague, Czech Republic

How malt is produced and and how hops are processed are shown on a model of a brewery here. The history of the art of brewing and the importance of brewing for the Czech Republic is vividly presented in an authentic environment and supplemented by video presentations.

Visitors can fill a bottle of beer themselves in the museum, label it and take it home as a typical Prague souvenir.

Of course, various Czech beers can also be tasted.

Admission, Tickets, and Guided Tours

The Beer Museum is open all year round.

  • Tickets: The ticket for the Beer Museum can be purchased directly on site or online.
  • Tours: Tours of Beer Museum take place several times a day. One tour lasts about 90 minutes.
  • Admission: The exact admission prices can be found here.

How Do I Get to the Beer Museum?

Beer Museum is located in a small alley in the Old Town west of the Old Town Square. It is easily accessible by metro line A, green line, at the Staroměstská stop, from there it is a few minutes walk.


It is possible that beer was already brewed in the Czech Republic during the Migration Period, the first mention of beer dates back to 993, when the Benedictine monastery of Břevnov was built and the monks started brewing beer there.

In cellars from the 13th century, the Beer Museum shows how malt is produced and how hops are processed on a model of a brewery. The smell of hops and malt alone is intoxicating.

Along with other things, the more than 1000-year-old art of brewing in the country and aspects of beer production are conveyed.

As a typical souvenir from Prague, you can take home a bottle of beer that you bottled yourself.

The guest room is located in a vaulted cellar and gives an atmosphere like 200 years ago.


Address: Husova 7, 110 00 Staré Město, Prague
Public Transport: Subway line A, green line, Staroměstská stop
Opening Hours: For the exact opening hours please refer to the following website.

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